Sunday, 10 April 2016

Testimony of FX United members

Below are the testimonies of FX United members. Some of them do both Manual trading and CGAT ( Auto Trading ) while others only do CGAT.

Azmil Effendi

My name is Mohd Azmil Effendi and I am in involved in FOREX trading since 2004 and I was the founder for FXMalay, FXOpenAsia and few other brokers. And I joined FXUnited since last year. The only reason why I choose this broker is because of the idea of CGAT which gives everyone a big chance to makes money in Forex trading without need to worry about losing your invested capital.

My humble advice to everyone:
" Do not hesitate to take your next step to be part of our FXUnited family"

Monday, 4 April 2016


Actually FXUnited is not about CGAT only. You can do manual trading through Standard and Premium accounts that they offer. I now make between RM20,000 to RM30,000 monthly doing trading as well as from CGAT. I have opened my own website at:  (Malay language version)

and conduct free class for manual trading. Certainly FXUnited has changed my life. It can change your life too.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Aliff Aiman

I was struggling with my low pay job. I was wondering whether I could get married and settle down.That was before I was introduced to FX United. With manual trading and CGAT, I am now earning a good income. I was even able to conduct my marriage in a grand manner. Thank you so much FX United for changing my fortunes.


My name is Nitty, an engineer by profession. I came in touch with the Forex industry some 5 years back and since then seeking knowledge and guidance to get involved in this market. Along the way I had my share of bitter experiences, where I've lost some money and there were no proper guidance available because I can't afford a full fledge Forex class; even if so,there are no follow ups after the course.

I came across FX United just about a year ago and I thank God (and my introducer) to have introduced me to this magnificent company. I attended the business preview with a little sceptical mind, thinking what could they offer..

The presenter was talking about the ways we can make money using the company's business plan. One thing that struck me hard was that they are giving free unlimited forex education. I joined because of this, and as promised there are abundance of support form the leaders and peers.. Now I could trade on my own make profit! 

Would like to thank everyone who made this happen to me especially, Dr. Ilaiaraja, Mr. Ramesh, Mr. Veera and Mr. Bala who selfessly give to the people..


When FXUnited was introduce to me, I had zero knowledge about the Forex Industry. But thanks to FXUnited because of their unique Training & Coaching system with absolutely zero cost, I am able to learn about this Forex Industry.

With Qualified and Professional Instructors they have teach me step by step how to trade and guide me all the way long to be a successful Forex Trader. Today I am able to trade and generate my income thru the Forex trading. Beside the trading income, FXUnited also offer us a very unique plan which is the 1st in Forex Industry world for us to generate additional income

I feel so proud to say that with FXUnited my income have been increasing tremendously.....that is really great, although I have worked almost 21 years in Company but I have never seen such an income in my life....Thanks to FXUnited.

Today with the support of the FXUnited, I am able to share my experience to all others about this industry.  I support and guide them how to earn additional income in this Industry thru the FXUnited platform. So let’s work together to make better future for all of us in this Forex Industry with FXUnited.
Thank You.

Miss Thenarasi Balakrishnan

Hi! I am Miss Thenarasi Balakrishnan

FX UNITED's affordable Forex training has made my money making experience very enjoyable.They guided me through all my trades with their coaching and mentoring. I have doubled my bank account balance in 2 months since starting with FX United in my free time while being fully employed on a full time basis.

The sky is the limit with FOREX trading.There is a lot of potential to gain with enormous amount of money . Through FX United, I received the education and training needed to continue and advance in my knowledge of FOREX trading and because of this,now I am able to go places to places I never dreamt of going before..The most interesting part is that, we are able to help others to achieve the same results we have achieved and duplicate them over and over again.

My team and I are honored and excited to help anyone who DREAM of becoming a MILLIONAIRE a REALITY. We will guide you step by step till you achieve the results you're looking for. Your Wealth is Our Concern in FX United.

You don't need a degree in economics to succeed in Forex as our team of currency researchers and analysts at FX United has developed softwares to accomplish desirable results..and again you don't need knowledge on Java or Python..our softwares are developed which are user friendly and we will guide you to use these tools to excel in Forex trading..take me as an example,in just 10 months i am able to build a swamp of network which has opened doors to a luxurious lifestyle for me and my family. 

In addition to that,my money is compounded monthly and   with the current exchange rate of USD to RM, I am laughing all the way to bank:)

If you are going to get into the forex market,then you need to learn from the BEST and FX United is the BEST with Qualified and Enthusiastic and Professional Instructors with our own proven track records. FX United has a comprehensive and a well designed training course to create achievers like us..WE WALK OUR TALK!

From my own personal experience,FX United's training has been very clear,concise and educational. I have developed a clearer mindset in perfecting my technical analysis and my success speaks for itself.  I am a living proof of the outcome of FX United's training..for I have become super successful as a trader and an entrepreneur.

An advice to all..

"Believe in the Process.. Believe in the Program and the People You're working with and It will Work!"

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Mr. Vijay Menon

"Firstly My thanks to Mr.Raja for introducing the world of Forex to me in a very unique way. I am been a trainer and consultant for many corporate company providing solutions. I been also looking solutions for myself towards having financial freedom until a year exactly since my exposure to FxUnited and my life has changed in more ways than I could imagine. My network and finances have changed tremendously. This means a lot to me as most people at my age of 63 do not get this opportunity or are not open to it. I will encourage anyone and everyone to explore this avenue." - Mr. Vijay Menon.

Mr. Jega

"I'm have been in Education line since i started my career. I thought that’s it until I discovered FX United by chance in December 2014 month ago. Now it has become a chance with a different meaning. It’s a chance of a lifetime. An opportunity not only to achieve financial freedom but what it means to have choices in life. Lets go for it!"


Fxunited is the best broker in the world
No issue in withdrawal
Genuine broker
A good platform where everyone can earn good money.

Nash Kumar

Very transparent and strictly managed company. Very safe and a great opportunity for newcomers.


I'm one of FxUnited member since November 2014. This broker has brilliant plan called CGAT, which can invest min 1000usd while earning profit monthly 12%-20%!! amazing plan for us to save and enjoy dividen monthly!!

Now we dont have to struggle learning trading while they have this amazing and excellent plan..

Any details can pm me directly 018-3188096 (Anna)

 "Money is not REAL, lets money WORK harder than you"


highly recommended.... their CGAT Plan is really amazing and its low risk investment. Min 12%- 20% monthly profit and its amazing. Deposit as low as 1000USD.....u can in return about 120USD... Saving money as easy as u can and get monthly profit without any doubt!!

If anyone interested to join, can PM me directly: 0182791224/0183188096


FxUnited is the best broker.. recommended..

Mr. Ho

I have research this company for the past 2 months
I just start invest is CGAT or so call robot auto trading
The withdrawal is fast, within 3 days is receive my bank. I am so surprise of the efficiency
So far, I will give a "YES" to FXunited if you are thinking to invest in CGAT


So far the executive of order in MT4 is fast, no lagging.
I had tried 5 times withdrawal within this 3 months with FXUNITED broker.
All the withdrawal take within 3 working days to reach my Maybank and CIMB bank.

Aminuddin Abdullah

Fxunited is genuine broker and regulated company registered with DMA & STP.
Fast withdrawal from all ib with efficient systems.

For EA System (CGAT) that robot trade your account, you can get 12% min - max 20% monthly..Superbb Plan..

 For those who are interested in our CGAT Plan or to know about this broker, kindly contact me @ +60122107996

Tan Seng Tuan

By looking at this FXUNITED broker background of 8 years, I had deposit $10,000 into Standard account. So far, every week also withdraw profit about $300-$600, faster withdrawal within 3 working days.

Pall Singh

Good broker which keeps its word and promise
Will recommend to other members.


Fast market execution, rarely lagging including news release. Good for fundamental analysts.
Deposits into the ewallet within 2 hours, withdrawal within 48 hours into our local bank account.
Trusted IB (Malaysia).
Expert Advisors friendly, designed a super smart autotrading, Capital Gain Autotrading (CGAT).
Super satisfied with the service except the live chat support which is not so responsive.